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Yuki, Jun & Nic...

After 25 very fulfilling and successful years as a freelance music producer and artist, after countless trips, concert tours, and a life living out of a suitcase, there came a day in September 2016 when Shiba Yuki floated into my life like a snow-flake, as a 9-week-old puppy. 

He actually looked just like a little white snowball.


Two years later, Jun (Junya) joined us. He was then 10-weeks old, an American Akita boy. 


I was completely inexperienced as a dog owner since I wasn't allowed to have my own pets as a child and teenager. Later, I found myself in various other parts of the world due to my music career, at least half the time.  I started a brand-new phase in my life with Yuki and Jun and I embarked on a completely different way of life.


They grounded me, and we found our common “forever home” with each other.


The two namesakes of our company, with very different characters and idiosyncrasies, taught me almost everything about dogs and, especially at the beginning of our path together, about myself.


In-depth and finely-honed communication skills, management and leadership skills, a quiet and gentle approach to harmonious coexistence, a profound dedication to mutual understanding and respect, with a distinct and highly-specialized species:


These proficiencies and principles are central and fundamental to me when engaging in any dog-human teamwork.

Our path has led us to wonderful people and their dogs, who, with their wealth of experience, professionalism, and expert skills constantly inspire me to expand and specialize my own knowledge and skills: 



  • I have been studying "Dog Behavioral Consultation / Behavioral Therapy" at ATN - Akademie für Naturheilkunde - since 2019, and will complete my training in 2021. 



  • I hold a Certificate of Competence, in accordance with the Dog Ordinance of the Federal States and the Animal Welfare Act, Section 11, Paragraph 1, Number 8f, and am authorized to train dogs commercially for third parties, or to instruct the training of dogs via the pet owner/keeper.


  • Having completed numerous seminars and training courses, I continually expand my professional knowledge and keep myself up-to-date in developments in cynology.

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