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Nicola Wilke-Stoll | Zertifizierte Verhaltensberaterin und Hundetrainerin | Yuki &Jun Die Praxis für Verhaltensberatung und Hundeverhaltenstraining in Berlin-Kreuzberg

JUN (American Akita)


YUKI (Shiba Inu)


My area of expertise and field of activity lie in the realm of behavior modification for problem behavior and behavioral disorders in dogs.


I exclusively employ training techniques and methods that do not cause the dog any psychological or physical harm.

My areas of focus include:

  • Anxiety behavior

  • Stress behavior (Stress physiology, Psychosomatics, somatoform disorders)

  • Aggressive behavior (particularly territorial aggression)

  • Separation behavior

  • Multi-dog household dynamics

• Certified training in the field of behavioral counseling - specializing in dogs at ATN - Academy for Applied Animal Psychology & Animal Behavior Training.


• Current further education in the field of behavioral medical animal psychology at ATN - Academy for Applied Animal Psychology & Animal Behavior Training.


• I hold the expertise certification according to the dog regulations of the states and in accordance with § 11 paragraph 1 number 8f of the Animal Welfare Act. I am authorized to professionally train dogs for third parties or instruct the training of dogs by the animal owner.


• With numerous seminars and advanced training courses, I expand my professional knowledge and stay up-to-date with the field of canine behavior.


• I am a member of the Professional Association for Animal Behavior Consultants and Trainers e.V. | Vdtt.

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