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Yuki & Jun GmbH | Die Praxis für Verhaltensberatung und Hundeverhaltenstraining
Nicola Wilke-Stoll | Zertifizierte Verhaltensberaterin und Hundetrainerin

Welcome to Yuki & Jun,

Your Practice for Behavioral Counseling and

Dog Behavior Training in Kreuzberg-Berlin!

Is your dog chronically stressed, anxious, or displaying problematic behavior?

Are you seeking sustainable solutions to enhance your dog's quality of life?


As an experienced behavioral consultant and dog trainer, I am on hand with help and advice for you.


I am dedicated to promoting positive changes in behavior and well-being for dogs. Through behavioral counseling and, if required, customized short- and long-term therapies, I offer personalized support for you and your dog:


Behavioral Counseling

At times, immediate help is required when unexpected behavioral issues arise. My counseling sessions provide quick solutions and advice to set you and your dog on the right path. Together, we develop personalized and practical measures to bring about positive changes in your daily life.


Short - or Long - Term Therapies

Certain behavioral problems demand patience, consistent training, and therapeutic intervention.

My therapy plans guide you over an extended period to achieve lasting results. In our intensive sessions tailored to your dog's behavioral challenges, we work systematically to address specific issues.



Why Choose Yuki & Jun Behavioral Counseling?


Expertise and Experience

As a certified behavioral consultant and dog trainer, I specialize in the psychological and emotional aspects of dog behavior. With a solid education and years of experience, I possess the necessary know-how to assist you. I stay updated through continuous learning and further education to apply the most effective methods.


A Holistic Approach

Every dog is unique. I consider not only behavior but also the environment and the special relationship between you and your dog. This holistic approach enables me to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to the personalities and needs of the dog-human team.


Ethics and Empathy

My therapy and training methods are based on positive reinforcement, science-based knowledge, and a non-violent approach to working with animals. 

I value building a trusting and secure bond between you and your dog.


I believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

My behavioral counseling and individually designed behavior therapies focus on equipping you with tools and strategies to improve your dog's behavior and well-being in the long term.

Together, we lay a solid foundation for a harmonious and trusting relationship between you and your dog.


Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Personalisiertes Training

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